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2011 Showreel – Videography, editing, motion graphics, and music composition by Spencer Sternberg.


2010 Showreel – Music composition by Spencer Sternberg

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This is a recent reel from Spencer Sternberg. For a detailed description see below;

Reel Details

  • [0:04-0:28] – Tokyo Snow Club - A modern, contemporary electronic track to accompany a promotional piece for a travel company.
  • [0:28-0:43] – PoweredbyBees – A short, catchy track for PoweredbyBees, a multimedia company.
  • [0:43-1:02] – Temple of Heaven –  A modern, oriental style piece for a Temple of Heaven time lapse film.
  • [1:02-1:18] – Confab Audio Files – A short music sting for an online audio discussion website.
  • [1:18-1:30] – Plushed Gameplay - A short music sting to introduce the Plushed gameplay, capturing a fairytale feeling whilst also sticking with the main theme from the game’s soundtrack, followed by one of the in-game music tracks.
  • [1:30-1:53] – Plushed Logo - A short music sting to accompany the Plushed animated logo.
  • [1:53-2:10] – Boostball Gameplay - Showcasing the main soundtrack theme.
  • [2:10-2:25] – 3D Fake Face – The main theme from the Blacksmith Games iPhone app.

All music composed and produced by Spencer Sternberg. All video by Spencer Sternberg, except for 1:02-1:18 by Aaron Moodie, and 1:18-2:25 by Blacksmith Games.